Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Today 13th May,2009 I cast my vote in the Parliamentary Election 2009.Being an Indian citizen,I also started to take part in the World's largest democratic process.It's my first voting experience.I feel proud to be an Indian.I felt today I have grown up,I have the power to show a way to my country.I have some rights.In every election the points,views and the issues are different.Like when we are going to vote in a Parliamentary Election,the national issues are more important.But in Assembly Election,problems regarding our own state are more highlighted.And when we are casting our important votes for Panchayat or Municipality or Corporation Election,only local issues are given priorities.But it's not like that less relevent issues are neglected in each different poles.Reality is every problems regarding our surroundings are included in issues at the time of election.Only some more important issues change the pettern of election.

Every political parties have to concentrate on educated as well as illiterate voters,urban as well as rural voters,Hindus as well as minority community,General catagory as well as SC,ST,OBC voters.So their campaigns differ from one area to other.They know very well how to get "people's blessings".And to get this their main weapon is "assurance".They assure the voters for everything,what they can do and what they can not,both.But the voters are not fully conscious about this polling.They don't know who are the candidates,what are they and which demands can they really fulfil.But many people are very very responsible.They are fully aware of it.Don't think they are only educated urban people.I have seen many illiterate people also like this in rural and urban areas.Besides there are so many educated modern people including today's youth who are not interested at all to know about this voting process.Some of them don't vote.Others cast their vote but do a mind-lottery in the polling booth.Because they have no idea at all about the candidates and political parties and the current local,national or international situations.But they are highly educated.That's called DEMOCRACY.All people under one roof.

Today when i was casting my vote the issues which I kept in mind are :

1.Our National Security.Against internal and external Terrorism.Army activity and rebellion in our neighbouring countries.

2.Health and Education

3.Economic growth and globalisation,recession

4.Industrialisation and Aggriculture (A very clear conception on SEZ)

5.Foreign Relation Policy- spcly with US,China and South Asia

6.Reservation issue

7.Mukherjee Commission Report

8.Human Development

9.Law and Order including Administration

10.Stable and Strong Government

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