Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gas Chamber

Recently I have read a bengali book named "Gas Chamber" written by Mr.Chiranjib Sen.I can say this book is an example of cruelty of human being and shown how the people of world passed the previous century, 20th century.

Dr.Nijli,a Hungerian Jewish,caught by the German Nazi soldiers during World War 2.Although he was rescued alive atlast , other many Jewish had to sacrifice their valuable lives. He was taken to many concentration camps in Germany.After being rescued he gave the exact idea how these camps were exactly.He spent about 5 months in Auschwitz camp.Those camps were started to build since 1933 when Nazi just came in the Government under the leadership of Adolf Hitlar.Firstly it was used to torture those German people who were against of Nazi rule.After few years German soldiers acted to capture and demolish Jewish commnity not only from Germany but from whole Europe.These camps were called death factory.Every day during war 5,000 to 10,000 prisoners were killed brutaly either in Gas Chamber or in firing by S.S. guards.In these camps there were many war prisoners also.And the security in this camps was very very tight and strict.If any prisoner managed to rescue himself he might tell outsiders about these camps,so security was very strong.Poisonous cyclon gas was used in gas chambers and the bodies were burnt in crematory room then and there.Nazi soldiers didn't want to keep any clues.There were not gas chamber facility in all camps.

Although Nazi Germany used gas chambers hugely,but it was fisrtly used by United State in the year 1920.It was a form to punish the crminals in some specific portion of US and the most horrible thing is this rule is not abolished still now in 21st century of the world.The gas chambers were formarly used in Corolado,Mississippi,Nevada,New Maxico,North Carolina and Oregon.Five states— Arizona,California,Maryland,Missouri and Wyoming —retain the gas chamber as a method of execution, but allow lethal injection as an alternative.These gas chambers are used from 1920 to 1981 in many cases.During the April 6th,1992,execution of Donald Harding in Arizona, it took 11 minutes for death to occur.The last person executed in gas chamber in US happened in the year 2006 named Walter LaGrand,German national.

Gas chambers were also used by North Korea.Nepoleon also used poisonous gases to put down slave rebellions.He used sulfur dioxide gas to execute upto 100,000 rebellious slaves.

This execution in gas chambers can not be any solution of any crime.It shows only brutality and animal instict of our mind.In 21st century when we are ready to control the universe,our sattelites discover the presence of ice in Mars,we are using nano technology in our life,then this type of notorious activities must be stopped forever.

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