Thursday, 16 April 2009

"VOTE" - a very common word in today's world when everywhere monarchism is going to abolish.Vote is not only a process to select our representatives in the parliament,it is a power given by the Constitution to administrate our nation,to be part of it.We,the people,directly or indirectly participate in this huge process.So we have the right to select the right person for us who can fulfill our demands.As direct democracy is not at all possible for any populated country,we have to choose them indirectly.But in that case many people think that total responsibility to govern the country depends only on those representatives.They don't have any resposibility.Besides if they govern my country in their own way why should I cast my vote for them?If I gave the vote to Mr.A and when the poll was over Mr.B won,then wasn't my vote totally useless?No,you helped to create the democratic system.In democracy,everyone gets same priority.None is under privileged."One Man,One Vote".So everyone's vote is equal and important.There is no discrimination on the basis of sex,religion,caste,status.Who gets more vote,wins ultimately.That is democracy,the modern perhaps perfect pattern of human society and civilization.

Right and Duties are two parrallel words and both depend on each other.If we expect something from any person that he will care for me,look after me,then I have also some responsibility for him.Otherwise I have no right to demand anything.This also true in a system.To get fundamental rights from our nation we should follow some fundamental duties to our motherland.There should not be any compulsory matter,it should come from our heart,our soul,our moral values and ethics.Being a citizen of India we should respect our democratic system and we should participate in polling process and cast our valuable votes.But for that reason,we must aware of our surroundings and politics as we should choose the right person who can lead my country in the international level.So I am not at all interested in politics or I don't know anything about politics is not a virtue.He/she should be ashamed for it,being a citizen he/she does not do any duties to the country only criticise the system.Mostly today's youth are facing this type of situation.If we are not conscious at all the future India will suffer.

We,the youth of India,have so many dreams about ourselves,our family and dependents to achieve.We want fame,money,luxurious life.But do we have any dream about our country?We are studying well to get a good job.In future we may have well furnished flat,imported car,a huge bank balance,we can fulfill what we dreamt,atleast we can try for it.But our dream about our own nation will remain as it is,isn't it?Then also 70% people of India will suffer from hunger and we will be millionaire.If we try and our dreams come true,then why don't we try to make the dreams about my country to be true?Aren't we be happy when India wins gold in Olympic?Arn't we be happy when Mr.Bush and Mr.Obama said to American students to study more otherwise they will lose their jobs for Indians?Aren't we be happy when this global crisis doesn't affect Indian economy so badly like west?Aren't we be happy when India gets a privilege in world politics?If all the answers are 'yes',then why are we silent till now in case of poverty,poor education and health system?Why dont we want to change the whole India?I know we can do it.Now the question is how.Answer is very simple.How did you succeed to fulfill your own dreams?You found your own way,isn't it?In this case also to fulfill your desire heartly,you will surely discover a new path.So not only be a person,be a truly citizen and help to form this young nation.It's your nation.It's our nation - "INDIA". Jai Hind.

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